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Monday, April 13, 2009

Jean Plaidy Challenge 2009

I read many types of books: murder mysteries, suspense, romance, young adult, and general fiction. I'm very eclectic. However, I am drawn more and more to historical fiction. I enjoy history and imaging what it must have been like in the past. But for all my past reading, I have never read a Jean Plaidy book until recently. I saw her books at the library from time to time, and realized immediately that she was a prolific writer. Some are stand alone novels, and others are in a series. In any case, I think it is high time that I started reading Miss Plaidy. And what better way than a challenge?

This challenge is hosted by the lovely ladies at Royal Intrigue. There is also a blog by the same name. The rules for this challenge are to read as many Plaidy books as you can in 2009. There are no set limits.

I will track my progress on this page.

  1. Madame Serpent

Feel free to join along or just stop by the Jean Plaidy blog for information about this prolific writer.


Arleigh said...

Thanks for the plug! The one we just read for the Reading Group is one of my favorites: St. Thomas's Eve (reprinted as The King's Confidante). The Lady in the Tower (about Anne Boleyn) is also one of my favorites!

Jenny Girl said...

Always happy to spread the love my friend!

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