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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


"True life is lived when tiny changes occur."    - Leo Tolstoy

Hello friends!  Yes it's me Jenny, come by to say hello and announce some changes.  The changes are motivated in part by things running through my head prior to my extended sabbatical and my life for the past year.

Prior to switching positions at work, I had been thinking about revamping, or reinventing my blog.  I've changed a lot, my reading habits, and things I write about.  I was starting to feel cramped, boxed in by being a book blog, reviewing new books, posting at least once a week, regardless of whether I had things to say; ensuring my reviews were up to snuff.  Blogging and maintenance were becoming a chore, and I had been thinking of how to clean the slate.  Then my job switch happened and it forced the issue.

I took a new position at work which involves intense education of new employees and shepherding them into their new careers.  With my first group I filled the roles of manager, teacher, mentor, friend and mom.  The average age of this group is 23.  Yikes!  The stories I could tell....but I enjoy it.  Now I have a second group in addition to the first with it's own set of roles to be filled.  My job leaves  me very little time during the day to pop on blogger and see whats going on.  When I come home at night I am tired, but satisfied and fulfilled, something I haven't felt in a long time at my old job.

Which brings me to my changes. I am starting a new blog, This, That, and the Other Thing.  I created it and that's as far as I got.  I'm keeping it very simple and sweet.  I will post about whatever comes into my head, be it books, my never ending saga of fitness and weight loss (ha-ha), knitting, or general life stuff.

I would love it if you followed me over there, but if you are not so inclined, I understand.  No worries my friends!  Hope to see you over and if not, I'm sure our paths will cross again!



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