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Be sure to scroll down the page today

Be sure to scroll down the page

There are TWO posts today...Sorry about that :)

Perpetual LOST Book Challenge

The Perpetual LOST Books Challenge hosted by Heather and Amy at the LOST Book Challenge Blog
Perpetual challenge page               

Below is my original post about the book challenge.  I copied and pasted it to here because it just makes sense to keep track of this on a page rather than a blog post.  As you can see, as of March 31, 2012, I have sucked ass at this challenge.  Hopefully in the forever future I can do better.

I had not realized until today that I never had a home page for my LOST Challenge Book selection. Part of the Lost Challenge is to read books that have been seen or mentioned on the show. Here is my original list of five that I will read before Lost is completed in 2010: (EDIT 3/31/12: HA! so did not happen)

A Wrinkle in Time
Valhalla Rising
The Pearl
The Mysterious Island
Laughter in the Dark
Alice in Wonderland - review and analysis