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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guest post and Giveaway with Shana Galen author of The Rogue Pirate's Bride

Dear Readers, please welcome Shana Galen!

Where the Action Is
By Shana Galen

First of all, I want to thank Jenny Loves to Read for having me back. I’ve been looking forward to visiting. I thought I would do something special today, and that’s give all of Jenny’s followers an exclusive excerpt from my new book, The Rogue Pirate’s Bride.

If you’ve read any of my books, you know I love writing adventure and action. There’s something about writing an action scene that gets my adrenaline flowing and my heart pounding. My fingers fly over the keyboard, and the words come fast and furious. Those are definitely my favorite scenes to write, though they can often be some of the most difficult. I have to revise them to make sure all the characters’ actions, words, and thoughts make sense and keep the scene moving fast and the excitement level high.

In the following scene from The Rogue Pirate’s Bride, Bastien and Raeven are in Gibraltar. They had a tension-filled first meeting several months before when Raeven tried to kill Bastien. She hates him because he killed her fiancé. Now they have met again at a pasha’s ball and are being pursued by Bastien’s enemy and his men.

One thing I love about this scene is how the characters’ actions and dialogue let the reader know something about them. It’s not just running and ducking and hiding. I hope the reader also gets a sense of who Raeven and Bastien are as well and maybe an inkling of the romance blooming between them.

In any case, she and Cutlass needed to act. They had been sitting in one spot too long. “Alright, go ahead and make your diversion.”

He rose to a crouch, but before he could spring away, she grabbed his arm. The muscles underneath his coat were sleek and hard, and she immediately released him. But it was too late to staunch the flow of heat shooting through her belly. He looked at her, and she remembered another time, remembered his cobalt eyes warm with passion.

She shut her own eyes and blocked the image out. “Just don’t get yourself killed.”

“I would thank you for your concern,” he whispered, his breath feathering against her cheek. He smelled faintly of tobacco and champagne. Thinking of their kiss of a few moments before—what seemed hours after the events of the past few minutes—she recalled he had tasted of champagne. His mouth had been cool and sweet. “But I know you only want me to live so you can kill me later.”

She smiled. She did want to kill him. But she wouldn’t mind kissing him once or twice first.

“Wish me luck, ma belle.” And as though reading her mind, he leaned forward and brushed her cheek with his lips. She shivered involuntarily, and when he pulled back she could have sworn his expression was smug and knowing.

She clenched her fists. “Good luck,” she said. “I think you’ll need it.”

She watched as he moved, catlike, from the protection of one wheel to that of the other, closer to the gate. She could feel him tense, prepare to move, and then the door to the palace burst open and the courtyard shone in the torchlight. Raeven turned in alarm and expectation of seeing her father or the pasha, but El Santo stood in the doorway. He had a tourniquet around his leg, blood on the hand holding the torch, and three armed men with him.

“Merde,” Cutlass said beside her.

“Exactly,” she breathed. “Any other suggestions?”

One of the men pointed to the cart, and Raeven’s eyes locked with El Santo’s. With a roar, he charged them.

“Run!” Cutlass yelled, and taking her hand, pulled her toward the gate. A shot burst out, then another, and she felt the heat of one near her shoulder. She tried to run in a zigzag but running at all was difficult in the cumbersome skirts, and she could barely keep up with Cutlass. Despite his earlier threats of leaving her behind, he pulled her forward, all but yanking her arm from her socket. When they reached the gate, he paused and kicked it hard.

Raeven gasped in horror when it didn’t budge. Cutlass let forth a stream of French epithets and rammed the gate with his shoulder. Raeven didn’t want to look behind them, but she was compelled.

El Santo and his men were advancing, the men loading their half-cocked guns. “Come here, little girl,” El Santo called, his voice echoing against the walls of the courtyard. “You like to play with sharp objects. I have something for you to play with!” He gestured grotesquely to his groin, and Raeven had to swallow the bile in her throat.

“Hurry up,” she hissed at Cutlass.

He rammed the gate again, but it didn’t move. “Let’s climb it,” he said.

“There’s no time.” Not to mention, she’d never be able to scale the gate in these skirts. She glanced back over her shoulder and saw El Santo’s men taking aim. “Get out of my way.” She pushed Cutlass aside and made a quick study of the gate. A wide beam of wood rested over the double doors, barring outsiders from entering. It was far too thick to snap when kicked or rammed, but she lifted it quickly, thrust it over, and pushed the gate open.

She dove through just as fresh shots rang out.

Her skirts wound around her ankles, and she had a moment of panic when she tripped and went down, but strong hands lifted her and all but carried her into the alley and behind a heap of trash. He practically dumped her on her bottom, and Raeven knew the dress was beyond salvageable now. She coughed at the stench of rotting fruits and meat, tried not to think about their close call, and gave Cutlass a long glare. “You didn’t think to simply lift the gate’s bar?” Men and their reliance on brute force.

“I should have left you in a tangle of skirts back there,” he retorted.

“Why did you help me?” She scanned the alley, looking for an escape. It would not take El Santo long before he realized where they were hiding.

“Glutton for punishment. Come on.”

What kind of scenes do you like to read? The first meet? The first kiss? Those set in a ballroom? A drawing room? A bedroom?

Revenge should be sweet, but it may cost him everything…
Out to avenge the death of his mentor, Bastien discovers himself astonishingly out of his depth when confronted with a beautiful, daring young woman who is out for his blood…

Forgiveness is unthinkable, but may be her only hope…
British Admiral’s daughter Raeven Russell believes Bastien responsible for her fiancé’s death. But once the fiery beauty crosses swords with Bastien, she’s not so sure she really wants him to change his wicked ways…

Shana Galen is the author of five Regency historicals, including the Rita-nominated Blackthorne’s Bride. Her books have been sold in Brazil, Russia, and the Netherlands and featured in the Rhapsody and Doubleday Book Clubs. A former English teacher in Houston’s inner city, Shana now writes full time. She is a happily married wife and mother of a daughter and a spoiled cat and lives in Houston, Texas, where she is working on her next regency romance series! For more information please visit, like her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.  


Giveaway 411

And now for the giveaway.  Courtesy of Sourcebooks, I have 2 copies of The Rogue Pirate's Bride to giveaway.  Rules are as follows:

*Open to residents of U.S. and Canada only
* Leave a comment on this post telling me what kind of hero/heroine scenes do you like to read 
*+1 Leave a comment on my review post here
* Deadline for entry is midnight, March 13, 2012

Thanks again to Shana for stopping by and to Danielle from Sourcebooks for my review copy and giveaway copies.

Good luck everyone and be sure to check out Shana's other titles as well.  I'm sure you will not be disappointed :)

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: The Rogue Pirate's Bride by Shana Galen

From Sourcebooks:

Passionate, action-packed Regency romance by RT Reviewer’s Choice award-winning author Shana Galen features the swashbuckling Sebastien Harcourt, marquis de Valere, and the nautical genius heroine destined to best him. After escaping France on a privateer’s ship, Sebastian becomes the notorious privateer Captain Cutlass. His reputation as a rogue precedes him and he’s undefeated in battle, until he crosses swords with the beautiful daughter of a British admiral. Raeven Russell is out for revenge, but now she’s not so sure she wants the dashing captain to change his wicked ways.

My Thoughts:

Raeven Russell, daughter of a British Navy Admiral, is a bit of a tom boy.  Raised on her father's ship Raeven learned how to be a fine sailor and an excellent swords-woman.  It is not what her father wanted for her, but with her mother's early death, it was the best he could do.  The ship and its crew have become Raeven's family and she is fiercely loyal.  A personal vendetta has Raeven searching the seas for the elusive Captain Cutlass.  Just his name strikes fear and loathing into many a seaman, but not for Raeven.  She must strike down Cutlass to assuage her heart's loss.  Unfortunately when Cutlass and Raeven finally cross swords the sparks fly and both feel an unexpected attraction for the other that is earth shattering.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and devoured it quickly.  This story has adventure, love, and sea battles which were super easy to read.  Raeven and Cutlass both have a knack for finding trouble and admire each other's way of settling business.  I liked both characters immensely.  Raeven was strong, witty, and not one to be set aside while men took of  things.  She felt herself an equal and pitched in when needed among sailors and pirates alike.

Cutless was everything one could want in a rogue pirate.  Gallant, handsome, a mysterious past, and knew how to treat everyone as equals, man, woman, sailor, didn't matter.  Cutlass also has a vendetta he is pursuing and understands why Raeven wants to cut him down.  These two are so much alike, and that's what brings them closer together.  They have very tender scenes together and I could not help but like them more for it.

This is the third book in Galen's Sons of the Revolution series, and I liked it the most.  Galen has a way of creating exciting and interesting characters, and I would never hesitate to pick up any of her books.

My Rating: 93/100

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a guest post by Shana Galen which includes a chance to win a copy of The Rogue Pirate's Bride

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Romance
Paperback, 352 pages
Book Source: Sourcebooks

Thanks to Danielle from Sourcebooks for my review copy, way back when :)

 © Jenny Girl - 2012 "All Rights Reserved"

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Suddenly Sunday (Feb 26)

Hosted by Svea from The Muse in the Fog Book Review

Hello!  It's been forever since we chatted and I have missed you all dearly.  So I will apologize ahead for the lengthy post.

Puppy Update:

Firstly, thank you all so very much for your well wishes Kona (formerly known as Peanut Butter)  is doing well!  We had our first therapy session on the 17th at WAG and had lots of fun.  The therapist was awesome and the space is wonderful.  It's a big space and Kona ran/hopped around and was excited to be there.  We were there for an hour and half.  We learned therapy exercises and range of motion exercises to continue at home.  Kona also had her first hydrotherapy session. She was a little intimidated at first when the treadmill kicked in, but was okay after a while.  Here's a blurry picture:

There were lots of treats to be had, and we were all exhausted by the time we got home.  We still have to keep Kona as quiet as possible, which is hard with a puppy, but we are doing our best.  She is using her leg more, and I think the fact that she is more comfortable with us helps.  I think we are finally settling in.  Puppies are a lot of work though.  They can be sneaky little things, like stealing tissues off the coffee table, or balls of yarn out of the knitting bag :)

"Your books are next Mommy."


Oh yes, that.  Well, it's been slow going but not because the books are not good.  In fact they are great; fantastic actually.  It's just that I have had things to read for work, on top of the classes I'm's a lot of reading!  Middlemarch has been placed on the side, but not for lack of enjoyment.  I have review books to read, both of which I do not want to put down.  Currently I have The King's Agent by Morin and Girls Like Us by Lloyd.  These books couldn't more different.  The King's Agent is a HF art mystery/adventure and Girls Like Us is about sexually exploitation of young girls in the U.S. Both are compelling stories in their own right, and I would call out of work if I could to read them nonstop.

Tomorrow I have a review of The Rogue Pirate's Bride by Shana Galen and a guest post and giveaway on Tuesday.  Be sure to stop back for that.  As for other review books, I need to get my list in order.  I think I have almost reached my quota for the year.  Galen's book doesn't count because it was originally supposed to be released last year.  I've had it that long.  But in the craziness of the past month I think I have accepted my limit!  Head...needs...examining.  Better yet I should look at my stacks and slap myself.
Regardless, IF I have room, I must be extra, super picky.


Ha-ha-ha!  It's really no laughing matter, but I haven't been to the gym since January 15th!  Not good people, not good.  I've picked up weight.  I can feel it, and I've been eating crappy.  I was sick for a week, and the past month it's been the puppy requiring my time, but still.  So I have been making an effort to walk on lunch, or walk half way home from work, anything to get moving.  The issue is the hubby is home all day with Kona so it's a relief when I get home.  I can't run back out for an hour; it's not right.  So, the gym gets sacrificed.  I did go today and that makes me happy :)

Well that's about it for me.  I think that's plenty.  My apologies for not getting around and visiting blogs lately.  Kona requires lots of attention, and that darn work thing gets in the way.  Hopefully things are letting up and I will try to get around this week.  So until then happy reading and have a great week!

What have you been up to lately?  Let me know :)

 © Jenny Girl - 2012 "All Rights Reserved"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review: Overbite by Meg Cabot

Publisher: William Morrow
Genre: Paranormal
Paperback, 304 pages
Book Source: TLC Book Tours
My Rating: 82/100

From TLC Book Tours:

Meena Harper has bitten off more than she can chew . . .
Meena has a special gift, but only now does anyone appreciate it. Her ability to predict how everyone she meets will die has impressed the Palatine Guard—a powerful secret demon-hunting unit of the Vatican—and they’ve hired her to work at their new branch in Lower Manhattan. Sure, Meena’s ex-boyfriend was Lucien Antonescu, son of Dracula. But that was before he (and their relationship) went up in flames, and now she’s sworn off vampires for good—even though she firmly believes that just because they’ve lost their souls, it doesn’t mean they can’t love.
Convincing her new partner, über-demon-hunter Alaric Wulf, that vampires can be redeemed won’t be easy . . . especially when a deadly new threat arises, endangering not only the Palatine, but Meena’s friends and family as well. As she unravels the truth, Meena will find her loyalties tested, her true feelings laid bare . . . and temptations she never even imagined before nearly impossible to resist.

My Thoughts:

It's been six months sine the events of Insatiable have taken place (link to my review).  Everyone is getting settled, recovering from their injuries mentally and physically, and Meena is now working for the Palatine Guard.  Meena is using the Vatican's vast resources to try and prove that vampires, especially the Prince of Darkness Lucien Antonescu, can choose to be good or bad.  Vampires are redeemable.  Unfortunately the vast majority of people, including the evil forces that have penetrated every facet of the Palantine, don't share Meena's opinion.  These evil forces hope to unleash hell on earth.

I have mixed feelings about this book.  While the main plot of Lucien's history and why he may have good in him, is quite interesting and creative, the rest I could do without.  I think it may be because of the feelings I had when I finished Insatiable.  Six months have passed and I was expecting some growth from these characters.  To have that kind of experience and not grow a little or see things differently, seems off, especially for Meena and Alaric.  Although I guess one could say those experiences caused them not to change but to remain stalwart in their opinions.  

I also found myself thinking again that this book is for a younger audience.  I think Cabot is trying to go against the current vampire grain and show them as bad and not shiny happy and capable of human emotions.  I get that Lucien was desperate for Meena to be with him, because of his love, however he resorted to the dark powers to achieve his aims.  In the end, Lucien's ultimate choice and its consequences was the high point of the book for me.  I didn't expect that ending.

All that being said, I think this is a good story but not for me.  I never warmed up to Meena and felt as though the story had a bit if a young vibe to it, which is not what I was expecting.  

For other perspectives on this book please stop by one of the other stops on the tour noted below.

About Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot was born in Bloomington, Indiana. In addition to her adult contemporary fiction she is the author of the bestselling young adult fiction series, The Princess Diaries. She lives in Key West, FL with her husband.

Meg’s Tour Stops

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Thanks to TLC Book Tours for including me on this tour :)

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Puppy Update

Hi Everyone! 

After a crazy week, starting with a trip to the SPCA last Saturday I have good news to report.  Well, good all things considered.

Let me preface this SPCA story by saying that I know there are good people that works there.  However, they really need to work on their communication.  We were told Peanut Butter (PB) needed to be spayed before her leg could be fixed.  SO we brought her there at 7:30 am last Saturday for that.  Spay and splint the leg.  We went back at 4:00 pm to pick her up under the assumption she was sedated for the spay.  They had called me at 1:00pm and said they couldn't do the spay, but to pick her up at 4:00pm and finalize the adoption.

When we got there, we find out she hadn't eaten all day, wasn't sedated, put in an enclosed cage that she can't be in per her shelter records, and we can't adopt her because she is not spayed.  WTF people!  PB was freaking out and not a happy puppy.  Nor were her new parents.  We had to sleep downstairs on the floor with her that night, because she kept thinking we were going to leave her.  She was glued to our sides and had to be touching us at all times.
PB was recovered by Monday.

We took PB to Penn Vet on Tuesday.  It was their opinion that the surgery she needed was going to be more expensive than we anticipated.  Over $6,000 was the ballpark figure.  Needless to say, I cried.  We can't afford that.  We were already way in over our heads.  We sent the physicians out so we could talk, and they could try and price it out a bit better for us.

When they came back in, they stated that an anonymous donor stepped in to cover the excess.  Anything over $4,000 would be covered by the donor.  PB was a special case and so young to have been dealt such a crappy hand so early.  We cried again and off PB went to have surgery.  

Prior to surgery, Penn did more imaging studies and discovered that PB’s leg was broken much longer than anyone thought, and had already started to heal itself.  So much so that to do surgery would cause more harm than good.  The surgery would weaken her bone and it would probably fracture again.  They released her Tuesday night and she has been spoiled in her new home ever since.

Basically PB will need 6 more weeks of healing and physical therapy which will start next Friday.  If we can strengthen her leg muscles, she will probably be able to compensate and should be fine.   We have to watch her over the next 6 months, because she may still need an osteotomy surgery to straighten the leg.  It’s wait and see at this point.

So after we wait 6 months, any funds that we have raised we are donating to Penn to help another animal and it’s owner through a tough time. The staff at the Penn Vet Hospital were fantastic, compassionate, and caring.  Penn is Medicine for both humans and animals.  (We are Medicine is their tag line.)

Thanks again for your donations, prayers, good thoughts, and support.  It is greatly appreciated J

Puppy hugs and kisses to you all.

Jenny and Kona (formerly known as Peanut Butter)

We have renamed our wonderful puppy Kona.  She will never ever step another paw back into the SPCA.  We will complete the adoption over the phone.  She will be spayed elsewhere.  Even her Penn physician recommended never going back there.

I have included copies of her medical records below.  I think you can click on them to enlarge and read.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: By the King's Design by Christine Trent

Publisher: Kensington Publishing
Genre: historical fiction
Trade paperback, 384 pages 
Book Source: Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours
My Rating: 90/100

Strong-willed Annabelle Stirling is more than capable of running the family draper shop after the untimely death of her parents. Under her father's tutelage, she became a talented cloth merchant, while her brother Wesley, the true heir, was busy philandering about Yorkshire. Knowing she must change with the times to survive, Belle installs new machinery that finishes twice the fabric in half the time it takes by hand. But not everyone is so enthusiastic. 

Soon, riled up by Belle's competitors, the outmoded workers seek violent revenge. Her shop destroyed, Belle travels to London to seek redress from Parliament. While there, the Prince Regent, future King George IV, commissions her to provide fabrics for his Royal Pavilion. As Belle's renown spreads, she meets handsome cabinetmaker Putnam Boyce, but worries that marriage will mean sacrificing her now flourishing shop. And after Wesley plots to kidnap the newly-crowned King--whose indiscretions are surfacing--she finds herself entangled in a duplicitous world of shifting allegiances. 

Painting a vivid portrait of life in the British Regency, Christine Trent spins a harrowing tale of ambition, vengeance, love, and complex loyalties against the dynamic backdrop of the early Industrial Revolution. 

First thoughts? 

I'm slightly torn about this one, so I'll start out with what I adored about it.  This book is more than just Belle's story set in the Regency era.  It feels more like a take on events in the Regency era, and Belle happened to become involved in them.  By the King's Design is different in that, to me it didn't read like a normal HF novel, where the main character is witnessing or involved with every aspect of the story.  Belle is not the only with a narrative.  It sometimes shifts to Wesley or the Prince's perspective. The Prince's narratives were hilarious and if you weren't sure whether you liked the Prince before, you probably won't after reading this book.  What a pompous, melodramatic, idiotic boob!  All the Prince cared about was himself and his comforts, not that his people were starving or needed recompense and reforms to earn a living.   

Speaking of secondary characters I enjoyed all of them very much.  The architect John Nash, and a cabinet maker named Put Boyce were lovely, and their respective lines of work, added wonderful historical depth to the story.  Trent is fabulous with her details, from clothing to the events of the day, Trent fully immerses the reader in the story.

Now for what I didn't like about the book.  It comes down to two characters really: Belle and her brother Wesley.  First Belle.  She started off so strong and likable.  I adored her spirit, outspokenness, and ingenuity.  However, I felt that somewhere in the middle of the story, her character went completely opposite of what she was until that point.  I know Belle had no family, and thus forgave everything her brother did, but I thought this behavior was idiotic and naive.  It could be because I am older and more worldly than Belle, and thus have these opinions.  Or because as the reader, I know what Wesley is doing and Belle didn't.  However, after your brother betrayed you, wouldn't you keep your eyes on him and not trust him as much?  Just saying.  I thought Belle became quite weak, and she really started to work my nerves.  

I considered putting the book down, but I preserved, and Belle managed to work through this episode.  She reverted back to what I had originally liked about her character.  In retrospect, I guess Belle was trying to hold onto her past, but realized that wasn't going to happen and accepted the hand life dealt her.  Luckily for me Belle and the story rebounded nicely.

With respect to Wesley, he is such a weenie!  I seriously doubt whether he loved his sister as much as he proclaimed to.  Man up Wesley and stop being such a fop.  Yes, you fell in with a bad crowd, and developed bad habits, however, and again this could be my 2012 brain speaking here, I have no sympathy for you and your actions.  What your sister had to suffer through as a result of your actions was a shame.  Every story needs a villain and Wesley certainly fits the bill.

Well, these fictional characters have certainly caused me to have strong feelings, now didn't they?  That is the mark of a great writer in my opinion.


Yes, regardless of my feelings for Belle and Wesley and their behavior, I loved Trent's writing and the story she told.  She knows how to set the mood, the scene...I felt like a fly on the wall when events were unfolding.  Trent's inclusion of the historical details also drew me in.  The cabinet making process, how Brighton was designed, studying interior design, all of these aspects sucked me in.  The book didn't feel like a typical historical fiction novel and I loved that.  

Would I change anything? 

Yes, mainly Belle's behavior towards her brother.  I know that's part of the story and what needs to happen, but I didn't like it, so I would change it.

Overall I enjoyed this book, and will definitely read Trent's back list.  She puts her characters in unique positions to show the reader historical events from a different point of view.  Trent also has a humorous side to her that she lets out every now and then.  (Someone's buttons popped off and that was awesome!).  I'm curious to see if she includes that in her other novels.  Also, if you're like me and like to research the history contained within the story, there is no need to with this book.  Trent provides excellent extensive author's notes about the key people and aspects from her story.  I enjoyed the Author's notes as much as the book!

For more information about Christine Trent, this tour, and her other books, check out one of the following links:

Tour Schedule:
Christine Trent's Website:

     [It's cute!] 
Christine Trent on Facebook:
Tour Event Twitter Hashtag:  #BytheKing'sDesignVirtualTour

Thanks to HF Virtual Book Tours for including me on the tour.


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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Please help me save Peanut Butter the puppy

This past Sunday, my husband and I went to the SPCA intent on adopting or fostering an adult dog.  Then we saw Peanut Butter, heard her story and that was it.

Peanut Butter is a 6 month old puppy who was pulled from the Frankford River by the Philadelphia Police Department on January 10th.  She was taken to the SPCA and has been there ever since, with no one claiming her.  When we saw her Sunday, we bonded instantly and fell in love with her.  She was limping, holding her back leg up, but the shelter wasn’t sure when and how that happened.  They thought it might be a sprain and Peanut Butter was due for x-rays on the leg on Monday.  So we took her home Sunday as a “foster”.  We returned on Monday night, and that’s when we received the devastating news that Peanut Butter has a broken leg.

The surgery is expensive, between $3,000 - $4,000 dollars.  The SPCA cannot afford to fix the leg, and if we turn Peanut Butter back in….well the shelter was evasive, but I’m guessing Peanut Butter wouldn’t last too long.  We can come up with some of the money but not all, and this is the part that I need your help with.  I know times are hard but we are asking for donations towards the surgery.  Every little bit helps.  This is really not my thing, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.  We have set up a facebook page and a fundraising page on there as well.

Here are the links: Peanut Butter Smith's facebook page and the Fundrazr page to donate

I really appreciate your help and please spread the word.  If we are lucky and receive over and beyond our needs we are forwarding it to the Philadelphia SPCA.  They are very good people there who have a hard job where they make tough decisions.  They have been supportive and helpful to Peanut Butter and us.

Thank you again for all your support :)