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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Puppy Update

Hi Everyone! 

After a crazy week, starting with a trip to the SPCA last Saturday I have good news to report.  Well, good all things considered.

Let me preface this SPCA story by saying that I know there are good people that works there.  However, they really need to work on their communication.  We were told Peanut Butter (PB) needed to be spayed before her leg could be fixed.  SO we brought her there at 7:30 am last Saturday for that.  Spay and splint the leg.  We went back at 4:00 pm to pick her up under the assumption she was sedated for the spay.  They had called me at 1:00pm and said they couldn't do the spay, but to pick her up at 4:00pm and finalize the adoption.

When we got there, we find out she hadn't eaten all day, wasn't sedated, put in an enclosed cage that she can't be in per her shelter records, and we can't adopt her because she is not spayed.  WTF people!  PB was freaking out and not a happy puppy.  Nor were her new parents.  We had to sleep downstairs on the floor with her that night, because she kept thinking we were going to leave her.  She was glued to our sides and had to be touching us at all times.
PB was recovered by Monday.

We took PB to Penn Vet on Tuesday.  It was their opinion that the surgery she needed was going to be more expensive than we anticipated.  Over $6,000 was the ballpark figure.  Needless to say, I cried.  We can't afford that.  We were already way in over our heads.  We sent the physicians out so we could talk, and they could try and price it out a bit better for us.

When they came back in, they stated that an anonymous donor stepped in to cover the excess.  Anything over $4,000 would be covered by the donor.  PB was a special case and so young to have been dealt such a crappy hand so early.  We cried again and off PB went to have surgery.  

Prior to surgery, Penn did more imaging studies and discovered that PB’s leg was broken much longer than anyone thought, and had already started to heal itself.  So much so that to do surgery would cause more harm than good.  The surgery would weaken her bone and it would probably fracture again.  They released her Tuesday night and she has been spoiled in her new home ever since.

Basically PB will need 6 more weeks of healing and physical therapy which will start next Friday.  If we can strengthen her leg muscles, she will probably be able to compensate and should be fine.   We have to watch her over the next 6 months, because she may still need an osteotomy surgery to straighten the leg.  It’s wait and see at this point.

So after we wait 6 months, any funds that we have raised we are donating to Penn to help another animal and it’s owner through a tough time. The staff at the Penn Vet Hospital were fantastic, compassionate, and caring.  Penn is Medicine for both humans and animals.  (We are Medicine is their tag line.)

Thanks again for your donations, prayers, good thoughts, and support.  It is greatly appreciated J

Puppy hugs and kisses to you all.

Jenny and Kona (formerly known as Peanut Butter)

We have renamed our wonderful puppy Kona.  She will never ever step another paw back into the SPCA.  We will complete the adoption over the phone.  She will be spayed elsewhere.  Even her Penn physician recommended never going back there.

I have included copies of her medical records below.  I think you can click on them to enlarge and read.

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