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Thursday, February 12, 2009

"This Place is Death"

This episode had me slapping the arm of my chair saying, "I knew it!" Charlotte was previously on the island, and knew Faraday. Could this explain his tender behavior towards her? I think so.

My favorite line of the night...."Monster!" from Jin. So the smoke monster is protecting some ancient temple on the island. Makes sense. Ties in with the big four toed statue. But who were these ancient people? Where did they go? Did they leave the smoke monster to try and protect people from the island or vice versa? Or both?

Mrs. Hawking: gotta love her. Very business like and matter of fact. Faraday could learn a few things from her, because he is a bit wishy washy.
My sympathies are with Danielle. To lose everyone, deliver your own baby, apparently, and then have her taken from you, my goodness that women was tough. I thought the discussion of the baby names was a nice touch as well.
All in all this was a very enjoyable episode. There was some suspense and I felt as though some plot lines progressed or were at least resurrected. Great episode!
And please don't send Desmond back to the Island. I think he has done enough suffering.


Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Hmm, great thoughts on Smokey being linked to the four-toed statue … I hadn’t considered that one before …

The Bookworm said...

I love this show :) I agree, Desmond has suffered enough.

Unknown said...

Interesting take on Smokey and the 4-toes statue - I hadn't thought of that one.

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