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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost Challenge "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

This is post is strictly my thoughts on last night's episode. Please see other fans thoughts at the Lost Book Challenge Blog.

WOW! Excellent episode, truly excellent. I could totally buy Whitmore's story. Think about it...Ben gassed all of the Dharma initiative people, the island does not speak to him anymore, and was actually miffed that Ben moved the island instead of John. Ben has never quite fit in either, since he was a child. He is always seeking control everyone and everything. I have always thought Ben killed Sayid's wife, as a way to get him to trust him (Ben).

With respect to Whitmore, he was on the island first, but how did he get off? And why exactly did he send a Special Ops team with explosives to get Ben. Well, Ben is that dangerous, as I'm sure Whitmore knows, and the explosives are in case of emergency, so no one could find the island and Ben couldn't use the freighter. When you hire Special Ops, you can't be responsible for their actions, i.e. killing Ben's daughter.

I am not a big fan of Locke, but I understand his point of view and his character. I was feeling quite bad for him last night, especially when he was talking about his love for his girlfriend (can't remember her name). I see a religious theme developing as well with his character. Locke has to save the island, the people left behind, and bring his mainlanders back too. Also the choice of life or death screams "savior" to me. Whitmore and Ben could be the angels who sit on either shoulder, one good one evil.

And, as if on cue, Ben kills Locke, takes Jin's ring, lies to get Sun on his side, and acts like he has all the answers by bringing everyone to Mrs. Hawking. I thought the island didn't want Ben back? Wasn't he banished or something?

My favorite line comes from Sayid while talking to Locke:

"I don't believe this. You want me to go back to the island?"

It was also great to see Walt as well. I kind of forgot about him, and hope he doesn't have to go back.

I think this season is getting better every week. Progress is being made on the plot lines and it's quite entertaining and confusing at times. Love it all!

What are your thoughts?

See you next week :)


The Bookworm said...

I agree, the episode was great. I did feel bad for Locke, especially when he was so depressed towards the end. And Ben is such a snake, I really dislike him. I think this season is great so far.
I was wondering though, where is Sun's baby? She gets on the plane to go back to the island without her baby. And I wonder what happened to Kates son? She told Jack to never mention him again.
And I CANNOT wait to see Sawyer seeing Kate again on the island.

Amy said...

Ah, Naida you're the one they geared that preview to!! :)

Sometimes I like Locke, sometimes he drives me crazy.

Jenny Girl said...

I think that is all we are going to see of Sun's baby for a while. I think maybe Kate gave Aaron to Claire's mom. And Kate HAS GOT TO make a decision...either Jack or Sawyer. Not both. And stop stringing them all.

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