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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost Challenge "The Little Prince"

I enjoy and follow the show Lost, so when I found a book challenge and blog dedicated to one of my favorite shows I just had to join. How could I not?

Now, I can't remember everything that happens exactly, and there are some things that I read from other blogger's posts, that just make me say, "Wow, I so did not get that."
So here are my thoughts about last night's episode. What follows is by no means a re-cap.

Has the writing gotten better or is it just me? The following lines are some of the best ever:

"Who are they? Other Others?"
"Time travel is a bitch"
--both courtesy of Sawyer

To a certain extent I feel as though they are bringing things together full circle. Showing the past lives and inhabitants of the island, and how they all intersect with one another. However, they are definitely leaving me with more questions: The bleeding thing...why is Juliette having this issue now too? Why is Faraday continually evasive about it? What happened to the other Oceanic people?

With respect to the Oceanic 6 back on the mainland, I knew it had to be Ben flushing Kate out. However, it may back fire on him. And Sun? She is one angry person right now. Doesn't she care about her baby, even though she left her in Japan. I guess I'm just waiting for all the Oceanic people to come together on the island and solve some of those mysteries! I feel like they are dragging it out a bit. But haven't they done that for a while now? Oh well, it's still entertaining TV, and I will keep watching until the end.

And btw, I knew Jin had to be alive. They could not just kill him off. And the time period he woke up in? Wow! Poor Jin.

Part of the Lost Challenge is to read books that have been seen or mentioned on the show. Here is my list of five that I will read before Lost is completed in 2010:
  1. A Wrinkle in Time
  2. Valhalla Rising
  3. The Pearl
  4. The Mysterious Island
  5. Laughter in the Dark

I look forward to reading the other challenger's posts at the Lost Book Challenge Blog :)


Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Welcome to the LOST challenge! I read The Mysterious Island recently and I loved it - but I'm also a huge Jules Verne fan. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)

Nise' said...

I loved Sawyer's lines last week too! Finished A Wrinkle In Time for the challenge.

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