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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Walk About Town, Philadelphia Art Museum

Created by Natalie from Coffee and A Book Chic, this meme runs through December and is simple.  Take a few photos as you walk about town and post them.  Here's the link to Natalie's first A Walk About Town.

This week, my mom and I went to the Philadelphia Art Museum.  It was pouring rain but I stopped to take photos of the beautifully colored statues at the top of one of the wings:

and the front entrance.

Impressive isn't it.  We are going back in the Spring for the Van Gogh exhibit.
This one is outside my house and I just had to snap a photo.  They have been doing construction in the neighborhood replacing the gas lines and mains.  Apparently this the gas main in front of my house.  Love the instructional note complete with frowny face:

Oh it's spelled wrong too!  Ha!

So visit Natalie's blog and think about participating next week.  It might be easier with the holidays and all.  Enjoy your weekend friends :)