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Thursday, March 25, 2010

LOST: Ab Aeterno

Part of the LOST Book Challenge

Since the beginning of time....from the everlasting

.....we have been sucked in by LOST. No, seriously, this episode gives us a lot to think about, discuss, and ponder. That's why I needed an extra day, because I wasn't really sure what I watched. I will probably go back and watch it again.

This episode was fantastic and Carbonell has certainly waited in the wings long enough for his chance to shine. I completely sympathize with Richard and feel, that out of of everyone on the show, Richard got a raw deal.
Here are my thoughts:

* What's with the biblical theme? What happened to the possible time travel, and frozen wheels, getting dumped in Tunisia, and the Dharma initiative? Is the biblical theme because Richard refers to this in his heaven and hell terms? He is very religious, as this showed, and just because people where black and white doesn't make them good and evil. I still think it's some sort of good versus evil going on here but it's a bit convoluted. Which brings me to....

* I know we are supposed to think Jacob is good, but I can't. Why? Because what good force manipulates peoples lives, brings them to an island to probably die, just to prove that people can change and are not totally corruptible? Yes, Smokey Locke kills people, but you know if someone was going to kill me with their sword, I would want someone to take him out. Jacob had been stalking these people their entire lives, apparently. How is this good? I'm just saying I'm not completely sold on the goodness of Jacob. Count me in Sawyer's camp I guess.

Come here. I just want to touch you. Come on! Let me touch you!

Love this guy. Great job very convincing

* Poor Richard makes an off handed remark about living forever, never dieing, so Jacob immediately grants him this? No questions asked? See above.

* I did appreciate learning how the Black Rock got there, and statue was broken. Easy enough.

* Hurley talking to dead people. What is up with that? Taking over for Jacob? Perhaps, but Sawyer is another one of my leading candidates. He gave himself up before for the benefit of the others. He may do it again. Sayid for the MIB replacement. He already has the black tank top, why stop now.

* Poor Richard has been manipulated his entire life, and I completely feel for the guy. I think he will be his own man from now on.

That's about all I can remember for now. I know I won't get all my answers and that's cool, but I just want it to make some sort of sense. Please? That's not too much to ask is it?

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2010 Challenges Met: LOST


Heather said...

I watched up til some of them left the island and when they started to return, I gave it. It was too mixed up. seemed to have lost direction.

Nise' said...

My son and I watched a few episodes from season 5 to try to figure some things out. It did not do us any good, we have more questions! LOL
They have a long way to go in seven episodies as far as I am concerned.

Harvee said...

Have never watched Lost so it's new to me that there are books based on the series. It looks intense, but glad you are enjoying it.

Book Dilettante

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