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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Reflections (Mar. 14)

Hey everybody! How are you? Hope this finds you all well. This week I'm thinking about my utilization of Google Reader and all the breaking up people have been doing with theirs. A few bloggers have posted about this but unfortunately my congested sinuses are not allowing me to remember who they are at the moment. Anyway, these posts made me think, because I use Google Reader, but probably not as well as I should. I also read blogs from my Dashboard in blogger, and the ones along my side bar. I also subscribe to a few via email.

You would think they would all be the same but no, they are not, thus making me inefficient. I thought Google Reader would help me with this, but when I open it and see 100+ posts not read, it makes me break out into a sweat. I also don't like how you can't see all of the blogs listed along the side, you have to scroll. Sorry but I like to see a good portion of what I read/follow.

So, what to do? Well I've been thinking that maybe I should just list everything along the side bar of my blog. I go there almost everyday and then I can scan and see what's up. However, will that slow the load time of my page? Don't know about that. I also don't like that people can see what's in my Google Reader vis Buzz. I had stopped that but it seems to be back again.

Google Buzz...that's another I won't touch, but leads me into my next reflection: my media policy. Amy from My Friend Amy posted about this, and seems like a good idea. Let people know how you handle comments, Twitter, etc. Basically stating the facts up front. However, Amy is a prolific blogger and I am not. Do I really need to have a social media policy? The jury is out on that one.

So, what do you guys think? How do you handle the above issues? Am I the only one thinking about this stuff? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Now I'm off to bed for a while. Some NyQuil and Vicks vapor rub and I should feel half human by dinner time. Happy reading and talk to you later.


Ash said...

I have a list of blogs I must read on my sidebar and I just use that to keep up to date. I think it's the easiest way because I visit my own blog every day so it makes me visit my other faves. I also keep a folder on my laptop for other blogs I don't check as regularly. I just can't get the hang of Google Reader. It just feels like another site I have to have tabbed.

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself. NyQuil is a favorite in our house :)
I use my Google Reader exclusively. It just makes it easier to have it in one place. Do I sometimes have 1000+ posts? Yep. But I have taken time to divide the blogs into groups by how much they commment on my blog. This isn't a judgemt or reward. I just like to know that I am visiting my regulat commenters on a more regular basis than the others. It's a struggle to keep up and I have been putting less stress on myself lately to do so.

Blodeuedd said...

Ok honestly I am going crazy, I keep getting this 404 error when I comment in places *sighs*

What did I write, something about me reading the dashboard cos I do not like google reader.

Jennifer said...

First off, for your sinuses, Alks-Seltzer Cold is wonderful.
I subscribe via email whenever possible, since I a lazy and do not go into my google reader. I also try to keep my blog roll current, although I visit more blogs than my blog roll indicates.
Social Media Policy-I have seen some and honestly I do not see the point. I visit a lot of blogs and comment and do not get comments back, but they may visit me and simply choose not to comment, I do not know and I do not lose sleep over it. I Twitter, and respond to emails as soon as I am able and try to comment when someone comments on my blog. We are all human and all busy, sometimes life gets i the way of plans and schedules. A social Media Policy could possibly be warrented if I was being paid, but since I do all this work for free, for the love of reading, I just do not see the point. On a good day I make it to everyone's blogs, and that is very rare. I certainly do not have time to read anyone's social media policies.

I truly hope you are feeling better soon.

Staci said...

First off, I hope you are getting to feeling better. Take tomorrow off :)

I don't bother with my reader...would make my anxiety issues get all out of control!

Nise' said...

Sorry that you are not feeling well. Get some rest and forget the google reader for now! LOL

I use a variety of methods, Dashboard, Favorite Bookmarks, email. Sorry not much help.

Trisha said...

I stick solely to Google Reader, and while the number of unread posts can be terrifying, it still is for me the best way to keep track of those blogs I want to visit regularly. Heck, I didn't even know about half the other options. :)

Darlene said...

I like my google reader. What I did was separate blogs into those must reads to those lower down the totem pole. That way when I don't have a lot of time I just read the must reads and mark the others as read.

bermudaonion said...

I hope you're feeling better. I use Google Reader and try not to overwhelm myself with subscriptions. It's tough to balance it all.

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