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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LOST 6.7: Dr. Linus

This is not a recap just my thoughts and observations on the show.

* I enjoy seeing all of the characters meet up in the beta verse. I also think it's very interesting how Locke was there in both verses to advise Ben on what to do. It's like Locke is helping Ben find himself.

* Finding or realizing your true self. I think that's what all of these character centric episodes are about. It doesn't matter where they are, they are basically the same person. Their best traits are innate and will never change. This is who you are, right or wrong, now what are you going to do about it. Ben is good at manipulating people, whether for good or evil. Sayid is good at killing people, whether for are good or evil. (btw, for the record I don't think Sayid is evil. He is just taking the problem people or leaders out. He does what needs to be done, because lets face it, Dogan wasn't giving up any answers, just causing problems.)

* Ben and his Dad getting off the island. Interesting and what happened with the whole Dharma initiative thing? Did everyone leave because of the explosion? Or are those questions that will never get answered? There are only 9 episodes left people. Give me some Dharma answers.

* Loved seeing Alex Rousseau again and Ben still being a father figure to her. Obviously off the island, and that would make a great show.

* The end when they all meet up again on the beach and Widmore is in the submarine. That's how they are getting off the island. How the two verses will meet or match up I don't know.

* Miles finding the diamonds. What else will his talents be used for?

* This probably goes back to last week, but we don't know for certain that Jacob is good. He did some real crappy things to some of the people on the island, like Sayid's girlfriend getting killed. Jacob is another master manipulator, and he touched them all. Just like Richard said last night, once you are touched by Jacob...

* Richard: I feel for the poor guy. He used to have all the answers and now he is in the dark and trying to kill himself, which even that doesn't work out for him.

* Candidates to take over Jacob's job: I'm liking Sawyer, Jack, or Hurley. They just seem to accept their fates more readily than the others. I think once Jack gets his answers he will be more accepting like the other two. They all seem to have nothing to lose by staying on the island. What do they have to go back to?

* And can they go back? Maybe not. They may be split forever. It was a nuclear explosion, atoms and all of that.

Well that's about all that I can recall. Enjoyed the episode because Emerson is such a great actor. So is the guy who plays Locke (forgot his name, sorry).

How in the world will this all end??????

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Nise' said...

Each episode causes me to ask more questions then get answers! I wonder what Richard's bargain with Jacob was that he can't die. Loved that Ben choose Alex in the flash sideways over what he wanted, but still had some manipulation going on. Waiting for Sun and Jins reunion!

Staci said...

I haven't watched any of these so I just stopped by to say "Hi!" :)

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Miles and the diamonds = hilarious :)

Tales of Whimsy said...

Richard = I feel for him too!

Alex = Yah! It was nice to see her. I miss her and her mom.

I think the candidate should be Sawyer. He's lost everything and underneath it all is such an amazing albeit damaged guy.

It's bad but I sorta wanted Jack to blow up just so he could shut up.

Anna L. Walls said...

Hello Jenny; Thanks for stopping my my blog. It's great to get comments, here or there, whatever they are. I wasn't too clear about what you said you wanted. Did you mean that you wanted to know how the Midwest handled the disaster? If so, you're in luck, though I think it's very different from what you're thinking. The Midwest is the setting for book 2.

As far as Lost: We watched the first season or two, but then it got so convoluted and the episodes would get all mixed up what with season changes and whatnot. It got so confusing that we stopped watching it all together.

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