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Monday, March 16, 2009

Musing Monday (March 16)

Monday Musings are hosted by Rebecca from Just One More Page.

Today she is musing about the following:

We were all warned as children to 'never talk to strangers', but how do you feel about book-talk with random people? When you see people reading, do you ask what it is? Do you talk to people in the book store or the library? Why or why not? What do you do if people talk to you? (question courtesy of Dena)

It depends on the situation. If someone speaks to me in the bookstore or library, I'll speak back. However, if they are shady looking or my instinct tells me otherwise, I'll make a nice comment and then ignore them or walk away.

If I see someone reading a book, I usually don't disturb them, because I wouldn't want to be disturbed. Unless, they happen to look up and catch my eye. Then I'll say something. Most people are not that chatty on public transportation, especially the subway. There are quite a few not so nice people out there.

Now if I see someone else knitting, 9 times out of 10, I'll make a comment like"What are you working on or that's pretty." It seems more natural to make a comment with a fellow knitter than a book reader. Maybe because I don't come across too many knitters out in public.

I am a friendly person, sometimes too friendly for my own good. I'll pretty much talk to anybody. Unfortunately, in today's world one needs to be very cautious.


Rebecca Johnson said...

I'm so glad you'd come talk to me, and I even promise not to stare you down lol.

I've been thinking about my answer since I posted it and I'm starting to adjust it slightly and your post clinched it.

While I'd HAPPILY talk to anyone who wanted to talk books with me, stranger or not - in fact I'd encourage it - I rarely actually start the conversation...

Unless it was a knitter! I just can't help myself. Of course the conversation is usually inevitable after I've spent a good five minutes staring at their project.

Now if only I saw someone knitting with a book...

Desert Rose said...

I guess while knitting it's not a problem because you can still knit and talk at the same time but reading and talking is not really easy :)

I don't start conversations with book readers because I usually have my book and would be reading and don't want to be bothered.. plus I'm shy! And then you don't know when you start a conversation if it will end.. some people will just go on and on and on like the energizer bunny so all that time will be wasted instead of me finishing my book :)

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