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Thursday, March 5, 2009

LOST Challenge: "LaFleur"

Oh no! Not back to the 70s! The hair, the clothes, at least the music was good. This episode didn't explain a whole lot, but it brings everything together or up to the speed, for the most part. I assume Locke and company are in the 70s as well, although how come Dharma hasn't discovered them yet? Is it because they landed on a different island? No transportation or reason to leave, I guess.

I am thrilled that Juliet delivered a baby on the island safe and sound. I have always liked Juliet and feel she keeps getting the short end of the stick. Doesn't want to be there, can't go home, can't successfully perform her life's work, can't get and keep a man.

Which brings me to Sawyer and Juliet getting together. I love them together. I think they are right for one another. No explanations for the their pasts, they just accept each other and move on. Complete and absolute trust. I feel Kate has been abusing both Jack and Sawyer by not picking one and going with it. And Juliet has been along for the roller coaster ride. There are no warm and fuzzies between Juliet and Kate. I hope Juliet puts her in her place.

Sawyer and Alpert. Have they been sharing secrets for three years thus keeping the peace? And where is early Ben? Would the time line get messed up if they just eliminated early Ben?

I think the majority of our questions will be answered, eventually, but not all of them. Did you forget about Libby being in the psych ward with Hurley? I didn't. And what is up with Dharma? What exactly is there initiative/purpose? Just curious is all.
Looking forward to next week :)


Amy said...

I'm with you on Sawyer and Juliet. I love that they have a nice healthy relationship and now three years of shared experiences will hopefully give Juliet an edge over the lust. She's my favorite female character on the show.

Good point about Sawyer and Alpert sharing secrets!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

“Just curious is all.” HA! You can say THAT again! ~LOL~

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