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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Suddenly Sunday: Spring is finally here!

Suddenly Sunday is a weekly event hosted by SveaThe Muse in the Fog Book Review. The purpose of Suddenly Sunday is to share all the exciting events that have occurred on your blog throughout the week. 

Happy sunny Sunday everyone!  Hope this finds you all well, happy, and healthy.  The sun is out and earlier this week I had to bring out the skirts because we had temperatures in the 80s.  Yes, the 80s my friends.  I did not mind however, because I am so tired of being cold, and shivering.  A little sweat does a person good.

The school semester is starting to wind down, and I'll be glad to have a few weeks off until summer starts.  This last batch of students are good and most of them are very motivated to complete the program and possibly sit for certification.  Coding is a way for adults to change the careers into one that has a shortage in terms of certified people.  Although you have to bust your ass, and pay your dues a bit, the dividends are worth it.  It's one of the only fields that has job growth, but you have to want to work to succeed.  And trust me, I've come across people that think things should be handed to them.  My regular job is busy as usual and filled with lots of politics, which I do not like.  Not one bit.  My gods people, make a decision and lets get on with it.  This is why I do not want to rise in the ranks too far, and am happy with where I am.  Teaching fulfills me when my day job disappoints me.

On the reading front, I have a confession to make.  I have been seduced to the dark side.  The dark side being an e reader!  Yes!  Hubby bought a new Kindle Fire HD, so I inherited his Kindle Fire.  I immediately downloaded a book from the library, one that I own in paper, and started reading.  Little weird at first, but I like not holding a book.  I'm not a complete convert yet, but I have been going through my stacks, and whatever I can borrow electronically from the library, I'm getting rid of the paper copy.  THAT really appeals to me.

I'm at this point in my life where I want to simplify things.  Get rids of items that are taking up space that I don't necessarily use.  Anything I haven't looked at or touched since 2008 has got to go.  I have many things that fit that bill.  But back to reading.  I do not intend to start accepting electronic review copies, or go to NetGalley and all of that.  If anything, going through my books reminds me of all of these stories I wanted to read before, and still do.  So, I'm clearing up whatever review copies I have, being super, super, super selective, going forward, and reading electronically when I can.  I'll intersperse the hard  copies I have in between.  That is a plan I can definitely live with!

Speaking of new releases and such, I am participating in the Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour for Seduction by M.J. Rose in June.  However, connected with this new release is a contest to win a Victorian choker necklace seen here:

Interested in winning?  To enter, do one of the following or both if you prefer (open to U.S. residents only, sorry!):

1. Put the book on your To Be Read shelf on Goodreads:
Then, give me your account name and email so I can send it to HFVB for entry.
If you decide to pre-order, then please send a copy of your receipt to for entry.

That's not so hard is it?  Seduction sounded pretty good to me which is why I accepted it for review.  HFVBT really does have wonderful books on their tours.  I don't think I've ever been disappointed.

Well that's all I have for this Sunday.  What about you?  What are you up to today or this week?
Let me know!

Happy Reading and have a great week everyone :)

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