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Monday, April 1, 2013

Posession Readalong: Chapters 7 - 10.25

 Possession readalong is hosted by Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness and Lu of Regular Rumination

My thoughts on Chapters 1-6 here.

As you can see I only got to the beginning of Chapter 10 and I gave up.  Yes, I gave up.  I tried, Ms. Byatt, really I did.  I was 180 pages into your award winning story.  But you see, Randolph Henry Ash is a bore, and when it comes to his correspondence with LaMotte, I found myself reading his letters and thinking about work, other books I should be reading  and the like.  I even waited a few days and tried again, but snoozles and cuddling with my puppy were all I thought about.

I did skim ahead and see there were some interesting developments, but I couldn't hang in there for them.  Although not my cup of tea, I have to give you credit Ms. Byatt.  Your imagination and writing skills are stupendous.  The idea for the story is interesting, but to include correspondence between two different people, plus their writings that consist of poetry and short goodness your mind must ever stop.  Very creative and definitely nothing I have come across before.

Now I will make this up to you by reading another one of your works, and giving you a second try.  Specifically I have The Children's Book in mind.  Sounds more like my style anyway.  So my apologies to fellow read-alongers, for taking a dive on this one and not finishing it.  Hope you are enjoying it and are probably almost finished anyway.

Maybe next time :)

Book Source: Paperbackswap

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