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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: A Gentleman Never Tells by Amelia Grey

From the author's website:

When a lady is in a predicament...

Beautiful, clever and courageous Lady Gabrielle thwarts the shackles of her arranged betrothal by kissing a stranger in the park. But who is this man? Finding herself stuck in yet another forced engagement Gabrielle needs another strategy that isn’t so dangerous.

A gentleman may find himself in deep trouble...

Viscount Brentwood is walking in the park early one morning when a beautiful, enchanting young lady walks out of the mist and into his arms. Now Brent has no choice but to marry the delightful Lady Gabrielle. Unfortunately his intended bride has other ideas, and the determined Viscount finds himself plunging into one scandal after another.

First thoughts after finishing this book:

Hmmm...this was ok.  Yes, I think that's about right.  Just ok.  It was a typical HF romance book. 

I liked that our couple met very early on and the circumstances were unusual, but the story felt uneven or something.  Gabrielle wants to end her current engagement.  She wants a choice in who she marries, and doesn't like society's rules on marriage.  So Gabrielle creates a scandal, and causes herself more trouble by involving the Viscount.  The Viscount I loved.  He was hot, he has outrageous brothers, and he knows how to keep a secret.

To maintain her independence or at least have a say in her future, Gabrielle tries to dissuade the Viscount from cultivating any interest in her. Gabrielle does, says, and creates these silly schemes, hoping the Viscount backs off from pursuing her further.  Unfortunately, all of this amuses him and makes him want her more.  Cute, right?  Well it was all of the schemes I thought were tiresome.  A smart gal like her and this is what she comes up with?  I guess this is only what was available to her during this time but I just thought it was a bit much.  As much as Gabrielle wants to be spirited and determined, she turns into an idiot during these schemes.  But she is an Earl's daughter, and can do as she pleases apparently.


Not sure.  I didn't find it to be spectacular, and I have read better romance books.  However, I'm not the be all, end all authority on romance novels.  I guess it would be a good mindless beach read.

Would I change anything?

Yes, Gabrielle's behavior.  Maybe flesh her character out a bit more, as to why she wants more independence and is willing to defy her father, besides the reason that is given in the book.  Also her sister is a bit much.  Honestly, her sister is quite shrill and I do not see how the two of them could be that close and loving.  I would have slapped my sister if she acted like that towards me, after all I had done for her.

Rating: 83/100

For more information about Amelia Grey and her back list, please visit her website:

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Romance
Paperback, 384 pages
Book Source: Sourcebooks

Review style lifted from Staci at Life in the Thumb

Thanks to Danielle from Sourcebooks for my review copy.