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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Suddenly Sunday (Dec. 19)

Happy Sunday my dear readers.  I hope this last weekend before Christmas finds you all well and too stressed out.  Remember, do what you can and slow down to spend time with friends and family.  Christmas should be about quality time, not the most expensive gift.  Ok, enough life advice.

I had knee surgery on the 10th, and I am finally starting to move around much better.  Last weekend was not good.  The pain meds only took the edge off, and I was still uncomfortable.  Not showered,  uncomfortable, high, and slightly bored Jenny is not a pretty picture.  My parents stopped by Saturday night for coffee and cannolis, and to check up on me.  Yes, they had a good laugh at my expense, and I think it eased my mom's mind.  She brought me over a little green tinsel tree and some fresh flowers.  It was so sweet, and it did make me feel better.

This past week has been better.  I have showered (yea), and I am moving around better.  Stairs are still tough, and my knee is still a little achy and swollen.  So easy does it.  My husband is going to store for me tomorrow to pick up baking supplies, because as long as I get everything to the kitchen table, I can sit there and stir cookie batter.  I HAVE to make cookies.  It's bad enough my house isn't really decorated.

Plus I am getting stir crazy.  Knitting and reading on drugs only occupies me for so long.  I just started watching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix.  Enjoying it very much, thank goodness.  Hubby has been great. Cooking meals, joking with me ti make me laugh, helping me move around the house.  However the both of us like our space, so I have been spending some time upstairs in the bedroom.  Plus it's a change of scenery.

On the reading front, I am currently reading Blue by Lou Aronica and The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy by Mary Lydon Simonsen.  The Darcy book is good so far, but I am having some trouble with the Blue book.  I know this is a very personal story for the author, so part of me feels bad, but so far I'm thinking the story is predictable, and a little off in some spots.  If what I think happens, happens, I feel terrible, because it is such a personal story and tragedy.  However, it's still a book that I must read and give an honest opinion of.  Conflicted....that's a good word.  I'm feeling conflicted.  More on that after I finish the book and post my review in January.

Otherwise, I have nothing going on.  Trying to change up my blog.  You know back to what is my brand, what do people think when they see me, my name, or blog.  The same story just a different tune.  I think I have it down.  I'm an eclectic gal and that's what I am going with.

So what is on your agenda for this week?  Any good reads?  If you are traveling home for the holidays, please be safe, and enjoy yourself.  Life is short so enjoy the ride.

Happy reading and talk to you later :)

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