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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Reading Resolutions Challenge: Considerable, not Epic, Fail

In November 2009 I wanted to set some reading goals for myself and thought, "What a great way to set reading goals, AND create a challenge?"  Hence, the 2010 Reading Resolutions Challenge was born.

Well, things did not go as well as I thought with both my goals and hostess abilities.  In the hostessing department I sucked....completely sucked.  My quarterly check-ups died after the first one.  I do not have a good excuse, but the truth is I either forgot or was wrapped up in something else.  Then I would remember and quickly forget again.  Bad hostess!

As for my goals, well here they are:

Read the following books:

Bleak House by Charles Dickens - Purchased not read

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins - Forgot

Middlemarch by George Eliot - Purchased not read

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood - READ...YEA!

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery - forgot

A book by Hemingway - forgot

A book by Steinbeck - Purchased East of Eden not read

84 Charing Cross Road (added 11/22) - forgot

The Great Gatsby (added 11/24) - forgot

Do the following things:

Be more selective in accepting review books.
-meh, I was so so in this one.  I have gotten more selective as the year passed.

Be more selective in joining challenges. (I get dazzled by pretty pictures/buttons)
- I have been more selective with this one.  So far only 3 and that's all I plan on too!

Try to be more concise in my reviews. (They have gotten better over the past year, but there is always room for improvement.)
-Work in progress, but I did create Three Reasons Review which may help.

Be a better commenter. (Again, always room for improvement.)
-Definite work in progress, always :)

Read more from my shelves of books at home.
- Definite epic fail.  I have added to the shelves and not read much from them.

In some ways I improved, others not so much.  I did buy some of the books I want to read so that's positive.  My apologies for those who joined expecting progress reports and such.  However, the one great aspect was I met some new and interesting bloggers along that way, and that's always a good thing.  Therefore this was not an epic fail just a considerable one.  Besides 2011 is right around the corner.

The spirit of this challenge was to set personal reading goals and try to achieve them.  Hopefully you learn something about yourself along the way.  There is always room to try again so don't be surprised when the 2011 Reading Resolutions Challenges comes your way again :)

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