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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Author: Lewis Carroll
Publisher: 1865
Genre: Fiction, children
Type: Hardback, 140 pages
Book Source: the library

Brief Synopsis:

A young girl named Alice falls asleep in the afternoon and has the strangest dream. She follows a white rabbit, falls down a rabbit hole and lands in a world where playing cards come to life, animals speak, and everything is quite odd, to her thinking at least.

My Thoughts:

Many people have read this story and loved it. I for one did not read it until now, and unfortunately I do not love it. It is indeed a great story, very imaginative and creative. The combinations of creatures, the rabbit, and of the course the King and Queen of Hearts and their loyal foot soldiers.

I think my problem is that I did not read this as a child, so I have no wonderful and warm memories to draw upon. I felt this was indeed a child's story, because Alice's behavior got to me after a while. She is a child, so I don't know what I was expecting to find :) I'll stick with my Disney cartoon version and the forthcoming Tim Burton version. I can't believe it has taken Depp and Burton this long to re-make this classic story. Link to trailer

My Rating: How can I rate a classic children's story, that has been around since 1865, but I wasn't crazy about because I read it as an adult?
85/100 Although it was not my cup of tea, Carroll was pretty darn creative.

Challenges Met: Library Challenge 2009, and LOST Book Challenge

Analysis for LOST Challenge:

Ah LOST...watching that show is certainly like falling down a rabbit hole, with all those twists, turns, and questions. I do remember two of the episodes are named with this story in mind, and I believe that a white rabbit may have also been spotted on the show itself.

I watch LOST purely for entertainment, so I am not swift with all of the deep analysis that goes on with many of the LOST fans. I know one thing though...if LOST ends with "It was all a dream" or "It never happened" or even "We are all saved, yea!", I am going to be sorely disappointed. That show has visited many dark aspects of humanity, for it to turn out peachy keen. Besides, who doesn't like a big showdown between good vs. evil, two fallen angels perhaps. Or even God and Devil himself...Devil went down to the Island baby!

Here is the link for Alice in Wonderland on the Lostpedia website.


Jenny said...

I have an Alice in Wonderland Challenge going on at my blog here .. you've already completed/plan to complete a couple of the tasks if you're interested!

I don't think I ever read the whole book but I loved the movie growing up!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how people are going to enjoy Tim Burton's version - trailer.

Staci said...

I too haven't read Alice in Wonderland. I was hoping to change that this summer but I still haven't gotten to it yet!!

Anonymous said...

I have never read this classic either and have never seriously considered it. Your point about childhood memories is true. And don't even get me started on Lost!! I cannot wait to see the conclusion and it better not be corny.
By the way, stop by and get your award!

Blodeuedd said...

Good honest review :)
I have actually never read it either

Anonymous said...

awwww, I would love to read this book. I never thought to even read the book. I watched the cartoon version as a little girl and have always thought of it as a movie, not a book.
I can not wait for Tim Burton's movie to come out! :)

Teddyree said...

Enjoyed your review even though you didn't love the book. I read it as a child but it wasn't a favourite so I haven't read it since!

Toni said...

Good Point. I know the story but I haven't read it. I think even as a child it was too chaotic for me. Not my normal story. Still I oughta give it a try to make a final determination.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read this and have avoided it in adulthood for some of the very reasons you said you had problems with it.
However, I am looking forward to watching Johnny Depp in the moview!

Jenny Girl said...

Jenny: I think I may be able to handle that since I already did this review. I'll get back to you though.

Michael: I think reviews will be mixed like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He wasn't Gene wilder but he wasn't supposed to be.

Staci: Maybe you will have better luck than me.

Tumbling: THANK YOU!

B: I have to be honest. I couldn't live w/myself otherwuise.

Trishalynn: Me too! Due to Depp of course :)

Teddy, Toni, Stacey: Thank you ladies! You could give it a try if you're feeling frisky, but do so at your own risk :)

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