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Monday, June 1, 2009

Musing Monday (June 1)

Musing Monday is hosted by Rebecca from Just One More Page.
Today's musing is the following:

How much time (or how many pages) do you give a book that you aren't really enjoying before you'll set it aside? If you're reading it for a book group discussion, or for review, will you give it more of a chance then, say, a book you're reading for your own interest? Why, or why not? (courtesy of MizB)
I usually do not give books very long, although it depends on the book. Some I know by page 20, that it's not for me. Other books I try to give them a chance to develop the story. There are two books that I gave at least 100 pages to before I gave up: Portrait of a Lady by Henry James and Kushiel's Chosen by Jacqueline Carey. Portrait I just couldn't get into it, for the third time. See my reasons here. Kushiel, I tried, but I just didn't care about the story the characters, nothing. I never read book 1 so I had to get the background information from the Internet for some things in book 2. I don't mind being slightly in the dark, but some of the stuff just didn't make sense. Say what? Exactly!
If it's a book for review or book club, which I'm fairly new to, then yes, I will give it more of a chance. Books for review... I've accepted the opportunity to read a free book, so yes it deserves a fair chance. I can't say I've accepted a review book I wasn't interested in, so I have liked them all. However, if I do come across one I don't like, I have to finish to write a review, don't I? Or at least read a majority of the book. It's only fair.
Books for book club...if I don't like, I won't finish it. My club is not strict about that. Just have a good reason.
What about you? How long before you move on to another book?


Unknown said...

The only books that I have had to put down because I really couldn't deal with them anymore, were books I had to read for school. I generally go about 100 pages before I decide that it is not worth it. I figure by then the author has had enough time to catch my attention. I have had pretty good luck with books that I have chosen myself, and I will usually push through to the end even if it isn't going great, just because.

And just as a side question, how do you get involved in reviewing a free book? I have been interested in this, but wasn't sure how it worked. Thanks.

zetor said...

I try to give a book to the halfway mark then fling if necessary.

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Many times, I'll put it down then come back to it. Here is Musing.

I also wanted to invite you to join Cafe Blue which is the new book discussion forum I started on my blog.

Matt said...

Even a bad book would merit a couple or two good passages. I try to finish a book that doesn't live up to my expectation, skim through it and call it a day.

Tudor Daughter said...

I give a book a chapter or two and if it doesn't speak to me, forget it I just go onto something else.
Ms. Jenny you have an award over at my blogspot.

Nise' said...

It is true for me too that I don't accept for review books that don't interest me.

Darlene said...

I usually give books 50-70 pages before dumping them although there have been a couple that I've known pretty much right off the beginning that I wouldn't like. Life's too short for me to stick with a book I'm not enjoying when there are so many good ones out there. lol.

rita said...

I used to keep going on every book no matter how much it sucked or I hated it, but about 20 years ago (about the same time my first marriage ended), I realized that life is too short to read things that don't interest me. Now I'll give it a few tries; if I can't get past the first few pages, that's it.

The only book club I belong to is the one here at school (the library got a grant to buy books for us as long as we come to their meetings), and there were two books that I simply couldn't read. They were young adult urban fiction, and they were just too reality-based for me. I want something to entertain me.

Of course, (and I see by the cute tag you have up there that you don't agree!) they did introduce me to Twilight, so all was not lost!

As much as I love to read, I'd be a bad one to review anything. I'm much better at reading than writing.

tinylittlelibrarian said...

I usually try for 100 pages, I figure that's a fair shot.

I love all your little bits in the sidebars - my friend has a t-shirt with the Buffy vs Edward quote. I'd like one, too.

I've picked you for a new-to-me blog award, stop by and pick it up! :)

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