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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TBR Challenge 2009

Now this is a challenge I can sink my teeth into. Keishon from the avidbookreader is running this challenge. Basically you read a title from your TBR list with a publication dates of 2008 or earlier. I have plenty of those, some compliments of avidbookreader.

There are also suggested themes each month this year. Not sure I can follow that, but I'll certainly give it a try. Reviews are due the third Wednesday of each month, which means I have to get reading on my first title.

Oh, and since I joined several challenges this year, I will definitely try to cross cover my challenges. Gosh I love to read!

6/17: It's time to do an accounting of my challenge and list what I read for each month:
January - Skeletons at the Feast
February - Did not meet...slacker!
March - Mistress of the Art of Death
April - Did not meet...too busy reading newbies!
May - Wicked Lovely
June - Did not meet...totally side-tracked

I see pattern forming here. Oh well, at least I' still trying :) I will definitely make it next month.

July - slacker! (but I had a good excuse)
August - The Awakening and Other Short Stories


Adele said...

I like your site. Found my way here via Keta Diablo (who rocks).

Jenny Girl said...

Thanks Hagelrat!

wisteria said...

I'm all messed up with my challenges. I need a personal assistant to keep me organized.

Jenny Girl said...

I hear ya Wisteria! I have certainly learned some lessons on how to do things better next year. why start mid stream?

Tea said...

I feel the same way. I hope to do better next year.

Jenny Girl said...

Tea, all we can do is try right? :)

Xanax said...

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