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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Suddenly Sunday: Readalongs and Ratings

Suddenly Sunday is a weekly event hosted by SveaThe Muse in the Fog Book Review. The purpose of Suddenly Sunday is to share all the exciting events that have occurred on your blog throughout the week. 

Good day everyone!  How are you?  Hope this finds you all well. (I can't help but start these posts that way.)  Hope this Sunday finds you enjoying whatever it is you like to do.  Can't believe it's March already. but I am so looking forward to warmer weather that I don't care how fast time flies.

I've been reading at a pretty good pace lately.  So much so, that I am surprising myself.  Finally finished Middlemarch, and I am proud of that.  It's quite the chunkster.  I enjoyed it a lot.  There's something to be said for older literature.  It's enjoyable, easy to imagine the characters, and like sitting down with an old friend at times.  Review to come eventually.

I've decided to join in the Possession readalong hosted by Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness and Lu of Regular Rumination.  I've had this book for a while, think it's on my Classics List, and figure this is the best way to read it.  The schedule is fairly easy to squeeze in with other reads: 

  • March 11: Chapters 1 – 6
  • March 18: Chapter 7 – 13
  • March 25: Chapter 14 – 19
  • April 1: Chapter 20 – End
Chatting is going at twitter #readbyatt
I started last night and the first few pages were slow, but I am really going to give it a try.  I like the concept, but have a hard time understanding why the gentleman is so fascinated with an author.  Guess I'll find out.

I'm also participating in a readalong of Philipa Carr's The Miracle at St. Bruno's.  This group is on Goodreads and is moderated by Marie from the Burton Book Reviews.  Philipa Carr has many pen names two of whihc you probably have heard of: Victoria Holt and Jean Plaidy.  At the time of her death in 1993 she had sold over 100 million books.  She has written a great many and this group plans to do readalongs of selected works.  You can join at any time, and I think it's just loose discussions. 
The Miracle at St. Bruno's starts March 23.

The other item i have that is book related is I'm thinking of changing my rating system again.  I even wondered if I need a rating system at all.  I don't do year end stats or anything, and You can certainly tell from my reviews whether I like a book or not.  I had good reasons when I instituted the 100 point system, but now I feel a 5 star scale would be better for me.  

What are your thoughts on ratings?  Do you have them?  Do they matter?

Well, that's about all from me.  Work is work and super busy, but you don't care about that.  It's Sunday!  Current knitting is all works in progress, some slow going.  Kona is well and the hubby is great.  Life is moving along and all is good.

So, enjoy your reads, have a good week, and have a wonderful Sunday :)

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