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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Suddenly Sunday (June 13)

Suddenly Sunday is hosted by Svea from Confessions and Ramblings from a Muse in the Fog.  Please stop by her lovely blog if you get the chance.

So my pretty little readers, what a crazy week here.  First off, I have finally recovered from my Fly boys losing the finals to Chicago.  It was a tough loss but in retrospect, they had a magical run.  They made the playoffs on a shoot-out, sudden death win, came back against Boston, and did the best they could.  They have some things to fix in the off season, but the heart, determination and strength they displayed is just awesome.  A big thank you to them for what they did. 

As far as reading goes, I am all over the place right now, and feeling a bit disorganized.  As usual I have reviews to write, and such, but I am also starting to feel like I need to re-evaluate my blog and blogging.  Of course I'm thinking of redecorating, but I am also reconsidering the challenges I have entered, due in large part to a post by Trisha from eclectic/eccentric.  I know I join challenges because I see pretty pictures and think, "Oh yes!  Must join to post that,"  but I'm not very good with the follow through. 

I created my own challenge (Reading Resolutions) to help with that and have promptly fallen off that wagon too.  I have the classics I want to read, but I also have ARCs I want to read too.  I'm getting better with saying no to requests.  Unfortunately, Sourcebooks and FSB Assoc. publish books I enjoy, and thus feed my book addiction.  And that's cool.  Reading is enjoyment for me.  It is a passion for me, as much as hockey and knitting are as well.  Reading and blogging shouldn't feel like work.

So over the next few weeks, I will tweak my blog and how I do things.  I won't give up all of my challenges, because I have met some really lovely people from a few of them, especially my own.  That is a perpetual work in progress in anyway.  So don't be surprised if you stop by one day, and say, "What the heck happened over here!"  It's a good thing.

In other news, so many of you love Vampire Diaries, like my girlfriend at work, so I gave it a good college try.  After two episodes, I can safely say it's not for me.  It's too young (everything is not epic), the guys are too thin and pretty for me (I like my men with some meat on their bones), and I'm generally disinterested.  There are other shows which have attracted my attention (Sons of Anarchy, Justified), and some others I would rather spend time checking out (Supernatural, Dark Shadows 1991).  And don't get me started on summer shows just starting. (My boy is hot over there!)

Well that's everything that is going on right now in my little world.  What is going on in yours?
Have a wonderful week and happy reading :)


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Nise' said...

Sorry about your Flyers too. Once Detroit was out of it, I did not watch too much. I join challenges like crazy too, but have not problem if I don't complete them, the fun is in trying! I should take a look and update them though!

Tales of Whimsy said...

I have the same issues with Vampire Diaries. I've heard the books are better.

Can you believe I just heard about Justified? I can't wait to try it.

Ash said...

I've been saying no to requests recently too. I have such a big stack of books to read already and I just need to cut back for a little while though. It's hard though, if something comes my way that I know I will like then I'll take it.

Staci said...

Well, I am sorry that your boys lost. Justified looks pretty darn good. I tend to not watch very much t.v. during the summer months but I don't mind recording stuff to watch at a later date. Love how you fell off your own challenge wagon....Heck, i can't even read my own books because I'm obsessed with checking out from the library!!!

Anonymous said...

That boy is hot. I really need to watch Justified!

The Bookworm said...

Sorry your team lost!
Your reading challenge sounds like a good way to get that TBR mountain under control.

I know what you mean, every time I see a pretty button, I want to join the
Sourcebooks and FSB Assoc. feed my book addiction too :)

Toni said...

Hi there.. thanks for stopping by my blog. I sure loved reading your comment. I am having some nice time off...and re-evaluating and knitting. I don't think I can ever keep up with book blog world but I do know that I enjoy it when I don't feel pressure.

I am reading knitting magazines. The latest Vogue knitting is to Die for...very romantic and lots of pink.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Have a great week. Toni

Tales of Whimsy said...

Regarding your reply:
LOL Agreed
Regarding the skinny vs. meat: I prefer meaty dudes too but you must admit the one brother (Boone from LOST) has amazing eyes :)

Tales of Whimsy said...

Regarding your reply:
Ooooo Sawyer. I still miss him. Such a smart a** :)

Teddyree said...

Well done on being choosier with requests, it's difficult isn't it. You are so right, reading and blogging is not supposed to feel like work, so when it does ... time to make things more 'you' friendly :-)
{hugs} Sheree

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