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Friday, September 18, 2009

BBAW Wrap-Up

Ah well, sad to say it, but the end of BBAW has come. I had really intended to post much more than I did this week, but events beyond my control intervened. Therefore, I was forced to snatch moments of reading new blogs here and there. I have discovered many new blogs and people out there which is very cool. The land of blogs never ceases to amaze me.

Super big kudos and props to Amy and her gang for putting together a wonderfully fantastic week of events. Massive congratulations to all of the winners and nominees too!

I have also had some time to reflect on my reading habits and goals. There are so many books out there I would like to read, not just because I have always wanted to, but because of some of the challenges I joined. Oh yes those reading challenges! I have become completely side tracked of late, and it is completely my fault. I should know better, but it's those pretty little badges that people come up with that sucks me in. Oh so pretty (eyes widening and glazing over)!

So what did all these reflecting do for me? Well, I will prioratize my reading for the rest of the year, and be more selective in choosing my ARCs. I overextended myself this year, and I should know better. I am like a hungry puppy when it comes to books. And you know what happens when puppies eat too much food.

Anyway, in the midst of this, I also came up with a great reading challenge for 2010 I KNOW! Did I not just bitch and complain about my reading challenges? But this one will be different! It will help me accomplish some of my reading goals, and keep me on track. It's my challenge so I have to set a good example, right?

So what is this challenge, you may be asking yourself? Well, since I'm setting the start date to coincide with the new year, I am going to hold off on the official unveiling until December. Then I'll have an offical page with sign up. I think I will have some prizes too. Sure, personal achievment and satisfaction should be the greatest prize you receive, but really, it's all about the free stuff!
I know what's up! And yes, it will be international. I have several friends across the pond, and I would not want to leave them out.
I even created a cute picture to go with it, so here's a sneak peak:

I hope you have all had loads of fun this week. I certainly did when I could. So here's to next year, and fingers crossed, maybe some book reviews next week :)
Enjoy your weekend everybody!


Nise' said...

Those buttons do suck you in! Yours already has me sucked in and I don't even know what the challenge is all about!

Jennifer said...

I look forward to learning what the challenge will be. :)

Staci said...

I can't wait until you unveil the challenge behind that cool button!!

Jenny Girl said...

Thanks ladies! Just like book covers it's all about the button!

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