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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's up Wednesday?

What’s up Wednesday is a weekly catch up event. I discuss anything that’s on my mind, or what may be happening in my life. It’s my take on “me time”. Feel free to join along in the comments or leave a link to your What’s up Wednesday post.

This week is about Fall TV, specifically one of my most favorite shows that comes back next week, Sons of Anarchy.  I know I’ve chatted a wee bit about this show before, but I feel like this show doesn't always get all the love it deserves.  Yes, last season in Belfast was a bit meh, but all that back history had to be told because it  sets up Season 4.  For specific scoop here is the Wikipedia page with info for Seasons 1-3.

Sons has action and issues happening every week but it’s not until you sit back and ponder what actually happened that you see all of the deep issues this show works with.  The people you call family are not always blood relatives.  What would you do to protect your family and your interests, and what happens when those two are not the same thing?  Tough choices need to be made and others are counting on you.  There is also the Shakespeare element of the show, specifically Hamlet.  Jax’s birth father, John, who founded the club died many years ago and Jax was raised by his step dad Clay, who just happened to be his best friend.  Clay stepped right into that father and husband role very easily.  It’s also been seriously implied that Gemma and Clay had something to do with John’s death.  Jax just found that out.  So again, what is Jax going to do to avenge his father keeping in mind that his mom is involved too. Everything Jax has ever known has been thrown upside down and now he has to deal.   Jax also has his club depending on him as well, and the club member’s families.  The club is its own small kingdom.     

Women are strong central figures in this story.  This club wouldn’t be what it is today without Gemma.  Many major decisions get run past her for her input, whether the whole club realizes it or not.  To Gemma, the club is family and you take care of family, come hell or high water;  whatever it takes.  Tara, Jax’s girl, has been reluctant to accept her role in the club.  If you love the man, you have to love what he is about.  You can’t just accept pieces of people.  Tara I think will finally some into her own this season, especially since she has just had a son with Jax.  Don’t mess with Mama Bear!  This could be said of both Gemma and Tara, and Gemma is not stupid.  She knows what’s up.

What makes this show so fantastic, is not only the writing and the themes, but the actors themselves.  They become these people  and take on all of their persona.  Everyone on this show draws you in and makes you feel for their predicament, even the secondary characters.  Each is their own little messed up person stuck in this life they have to navigate their way through.  Balancing everything in the air…. something has got to fall.

So if want riveting television that is smart, sometimes funny, and emotionally gut wrenching at times, then watch Sons of Anarchy.  You will not be disappointed.  Season 4 starts next Tuesday, September 6 at 9:00 pm on FX.

I'll discuss another favorite show of mine, Fringe, at a later date.