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Thursday, August 11, 2011

In Memory of Lucky

Monday night I had to say goodbye to my furry baby girl, Lucky. She was almost 15 years old. Lucky had gotten sick, and had not eaten or drank any water for three days. She also wouldn’t eat her all time favorite, cheese. Lucky was a cheese ho, and this was our tell tale sign that things were not good. My husband and I had decided a while ago, that we wouldn’t put her through anything strenuous. Lucky had a fabulous life and it would be torture for all involved if we pursued anything. So Monday night, after spending the day with her we put her to sleep. It was the most difficult thing I had to do, and I am crying as I sit here and type this.

But then I remember all the crazy shit Lucky did over the years:

*Running down the hallway upstairs at full tilt and launching herself onto the bed sliding across, and almost going over the other side

*Our walks to the park to stalk the squirrels, her most evil of archenemies. Other archenemies included the vacuum and baths.

*Catching the ball in the house like a show dog, bending her body in unusual ways

*Hanging out under the Christmas tree looking at the lights

*Her obsession with cheese. Close the refrigerator door, and there she was appearing out of thin air looking for cheese

*How she would try to sniff the Vick’s vapor rub and Chap stick off my face when I was sick in bed. Open your eyes and there’s a big nose touching yours, with eyes half open, on your pillow too, btw.

Lucky was an awesome dog. She comforted me when I was sick or sad, and would hang out with us every night. But as the years went by, we could see her getting older, and she slowed down, becoming a little senior citizen, quirks and all. You know those pushy elderly people at the bank an hour before it opens? Imagine that in dog form. Lucky even started looking for her night time cookie snack earlier, a la “the early bird special” so she could go to bed early.

We knew it was only a matter of time before Lucky would have to leave us, we just didn’t think it would happen so soon. So, with this post I say good bye but not forgotten to my Lucky Girl. She will never be forgotten.

(I haven’t felt like doing too much of anything lately, so please forgive me for not being around in the interwebs.)