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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Book Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

My Rating: 95/100

I have avoided all spoilers of this book since it came out.  To that end, I can't even reprint a summary without giving bits away.  So if you must know the summary, here is a link to the GoodReads page.  

My Non-Spoilery Thoughts:

I know this book caused quite a stir when it was released because I remember reviews being mixed, readers felt let down, and there was a general meh-ness about this book.  For me, I liked it.  Not as much as Catching Fire, but I still devoured every page all the same.  The plot had to change a bit, although the same themes that have been present in the prior two, are repeated here again in Mockingjay: Katniss being a pawn, Katniss undecided about her feelings regarding Peeta and Gale, no one has that many options available to them.

This book wrapped up all the plot lines and did so quite well.  It may not have been super exciting, but I think at this period in time all parties having growing and deciding to do.  Mockingjay may not have had the ending everyone wanted or liked but with the dystopian world of the book, I thought the ending was believable and finished the story appropriately.  There was one I thought unnecessary death at the beginning of the end, that I was disappointed with.  However, it cemented the other story elements in place.  No person or government is above doing anything for personal gain.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this book greatly.  It has a different feel than the previous two, and I was satisfied with the ending.  For more of my specific feelings towards the book read the spoiler review that follows.  If you dare!


There were parts that were a bit boring, but it was for story telling sake.  Totally knew Coin, the leader of District , had a hidden agenda regarding Katniss.  Also, with such a powerful role model who has the potential to sway followers, Coin can't have Katniss running around loosey goosey.  However, that does not excuse, the killing of Prim.  I was floored.  I did not see that coming.  Also the conversations Katniss had with Snow, like him or not, he was always almost honest with her.  Snow knew and saw Katniss' potential, so why lie.  Katniss knew this too, and also realized that District 13 and dreams of true freedom and living were never going to happen for her.

As for the Peeta brainwashing, not surprised.  The Capital was brutal and their methods were unbelievable   Peeta and Katniss ending up being together.  I think that was the best possible outcome.  Both of them are damaged goods.  There was never going to be a totally happy ending.  It wouldn't be right and it doesn't match the tone of the books.  Hollywood better not change it either.  You hear me?!
I really had  no problem with how the book ended.  I've read that people thought there were loose ends.  Not sure what they mean, although its been a while since I read this.

Katniss killing Coin: she had to to.  The cycle of violence would have continued had she not.  All the other Games winners dying, very sad as I read those moments.  I liked them greatly.

That's about all I can think of.  Overall the pacing was different than the previous two, but I enjoyed Mockingjay very much.  I think it ended the series quite well.  I also read Catching Fire and Mockingjay back to back and that may be why I think the way I do.  I didn't have to wait a year, like everyone else.

Now onto Battle Royale by Japanese author Koushun Takami.  Supposedly Hunger Games is a rip off of this story.  I'll let you know :)

Publisher: Scholastic
Genre: Dystopian young adult
Hardback 390 pages
Book Source: borrowed from the library

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