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Thursday, November 15, 2012

TLC Tour Stop and Book Review: Lucky Bunny by Jill Dawson

 From TLC Book Tours:

Daring, clever, and alluring, Queenie Dove has spent a lifetime developing the skills of an accomplished thief. Born into a criminal family in London’s East End during the Great Depression, and trained by a group of women shoplifters during the Blitz, Queenie soon graduates from petty street crime to far more lucrative heists and the seedy glamour of the city’s underworld. But giving birth to a daughter will make Queenie finally try to go straight . . . until the opportunity to take part in one last, audacious robbery tempts her back to the life of danger and excitement she once lived to the fullest.
Told in Queenie’s captivating and singular voice, Lucky Bunny is a richly colorful tale of trickery, adventure, and heart.

What worked for me:
  • The overall story of a child from the wrong side of the tracks, growing up during some of the most turbulent and changing times in history.
  • Glimpses of life in London during the blitz, and the underside or street life way of living.  People will do anything to survive and even during the most terrible times some things never change. 
  • How children were sent out to the country during the Blitz.  I can't even imagine.  Both parents and children were scared half to death.
  • Nature vs. nurture affecting how children grew up.  Queenie and her brother dealt with their issues differently yet, in some ways were similar.  Crime was a way to get by, and I can understand that.
  • Queenie’s various escapades   How people stole things, getting the key money, basically saying you will sleep with a guy but you need money for a room first, then taking off with the money, and of course, the grand finale.
  • Where bad teenagers go.  Any type of home or jail is scary even to adults.
  • Getting to see Queenie get to a good point in her life, when at times I didn't think that was going to happen. 
  • This story and it’s characters were easy to visualize and there were some moments when I felt Queenie’s quick breaths or how scared or nervous she was. 

What didn't work for me:

I hate to say it, but Queenie herself.  I never clicked with her, and it’s hard to put my finger on.  It started off well, but as she was growing up and life happened to her, I just couldn't connect with her.  I don’t think it’s that I disliked her.  I wasn't that truly invested in her, if that makes any sense.  Yes, I wanted things to turn out better for her, but I didn't anxiously await that to happen.  At times I felt that for as smart as Queenie could be, she never stood up for herself or was strong.  But I think that was because she had no role models growing up or stable parents to support her.
However, now that I think about it, maybe she was strong but I didn't realize it.  She wasn't one of those people who blame their parents for making them the way they were.  You know the type, “I was poor so it’s not my fault.”  Queenie takes what life has dealt her and does her best.  I know people that have grown up in similar circumstances and turned out the best they can be, so Queenie really was a Lucky Bunny in the end.

Final Thought:
Overall this was just okay for me, but you may have a different opinion.  Please visit the other tour stops below and see what they thought.

For more information about The author, Jill Dawson, please visit her website:

My Rating: 82/100

PublisherHarper Perennial (October 30, 2012)
Genre: Fiction
Trade paperback, 384 pages 
Book Source: TLC Book Tours

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Thanks to TLC Book Tours for my review copy!

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