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Thursday, November 1, 2012

And so it begins....The Bleak House read-a-long aka The Bleak-a-long

So today kicks off our reading of Bleak House by Charles Dickens.  For details about this read-a-long, please visit the announcement page.  You can join up at any time, or if you have read previously read this classic, and would like to add your comments please do.  The more the merrier. 

Now I admit, I started early, because as hostess I felt that I should.  Plus, I couldn't wait, to be quite honest. I  had a break in my schedule and I pounced.  I am over 100 pages in and enjoying it quite a bit.  More than I thought I would to be honest.  I like the characters, and damn you Charles, you make me smirk as I read your story.

The only insight I can provide you as you begin your Bleak-along, is to keep track of the characters you encounter.  Either make a list or print this list from Cliff Notes as a guide.  I also sensed some recurring themes, so I read up on Mr. Dickens here at PBS.  Quite interesting and confirmed my suspicions of Dickens being concerned about social injustices, which I think are important in Bleak House.

Lastly, the Chancery Court which figures prominently in the beginning and probably throughout the whole book.  Don't try and figure it out, because you can't.  The Chancery Court is a joke, and I believe that is the point.  I only mention this because it was driving me crazy, like what is it's purpose, and then I realized that is exactly what Dickens wanted me to think and feel.  Sorry if you think this is a spoiler, but I felt it had to be said.

That's all for now.  I may post some observations in two weeks, around the 16th or so, only because I have accumulated quite a few to date.  However, I don't want you to feel as though you have to as well.  I didn't want to burden participants with having to write all these posts to participate.  I just want you to read and enjoy.  If you want to do your own post, great.  Put a link in the comments.  If not, no worries, join in on mine.  All my posts will be labeled as Bleak House, so you can zero in on those.

Until then, happy reading and have yourself a cup of tea :)

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