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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Suddenly Sunday (June 24): Slowing Down

Hello dear Readers!  How are you? I hope this finds you quite well, enjoying a fabulous book and general all around happiness.  Life is good for me also.  My students take their final this week and then it's off for the summer.  Woo-hoo!  More reading time for Jenny.

The redecorating of our living room is complete, and I love it!  Should have done this a few years ago, but such is life.  The puppy also enjoys the new carpets as well.  No accidents or marking of territory, just sleeping and lounging.

What I really want to chat about today is the state of my blogging activities.  The posts have been few and far between, responding to comments has been slow in coming, and not much new material on the blog.  I know, believe me I do, and there are several reasons for the lack of my presence.

First, we have several big projects at work that have tight deadlines.  I used to be able to take a few minutes here and there, and that is becoming quite difficult.  Also, when I do have a few minutes, I would rather read someone's blog and comment than write a post.  Then when I come home at night, the last thing I want to do is continue to stare at a computer screen.  The puppy needs a walk, dinner has to be prepared, and my brain needs to decompress.  The free time I have had lately, I have been using to knit.  The current project I just started keeps calling my name and I must oblige.  When the knitting mojo is rolling, you don't mess with it.

And to be quite honest, the thought of blogging has begun to wear me down.  I'm starting to feel quite meh about it.  I'm losing my blogging mojo.  I'm starting to feel like it's a chore and a hassle to write a post.  When I have time to be on line I would rather spend it reading your posts and comments, rather than creating posts for my blog.  Maybe it's self imposed deadlines or activities in my head that are messing with me.  I do feel like I should be "blogging something" but a bigger part of me, doesn't feel like it.  Not good people.

I am losing steam with blogging, so before it disappears completely, I am going to cut back my posting.  I have two scheduled book tours, no problem with those.  Liking one book (The Queen's Vow) and looking forward to the other (Let the Devil Sleep).  The Standalong which I started, no worries there.  Other than that, I have some drafts and things I can post.  I have some reviews to write, but they are not going anywhere either.

So what does all of this mean?  I am not disappearing completely, but only expect one post a week from me.  I am going to try and manage that at least.  I like you all.  I've made some really great friends in this community and it's the community piece that I am lacking in.  So the more I can visit blogs and comment, the better.  That will make me happy right now, and lets face it, a happy Jenny is a good thing.

So don't fret me pet.  All is well but I just need to recharge my batteries and see what's out there in this great book blogging community we have!  See you all soon.

Happy reading and have a fantastic week :)

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