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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is it over already? Saying good bye to Armchair BEA 2011

It's Sunday and although Armchair BEA ended on Friday, I figured better late than never for my wrap-up post.  This post was supposed to be done on Friday, but hey rules are made to be broken.
So from the Armchair BEA site here is the concept for the post:

As you relax by the pool or have fun with your families this weekend, we ask that you take some time to write out a short recap of the week. What did it mean to you to participate in Armchair BEA 2011? What were your highlights? Would you do it again? Show your love for this week one last time and let us know what, if anything, you learned and enjoyed most!

I was only able to participate with posts on two days, but I really enjoyed myself.  Both posts made think about myself and what I have read so far in 2011.  Retrospection and analysis is always good!

I missed the deadline to sign up for an interview partner, so next year I will have to mark my calender with the deadline.  Instead I read interviews around blogland that many of my fellow bloggers posted.  I sometimes think I'll never discover new blogs, but then events like this remind me there are so many other blogs out there just waiting to be read.  While that can be daunting, I decided to pick a few here and there to stick with throughout the year.  I like discovery.  It's good to expand my little corner of the web.

As much as I would like to attend BEA in NY, just reading about all of the new books coming out made my eyes spin.  So I will be more than happy to participate in Armchair BEA again next year.  Hopefully I will see you there too!  

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