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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Ain't Scared of No Clowns! Bring IT on!

It's an IT Read-along hosted by Softdrink aka Jill from Fizzy Thoughts and Princess Clown Nose from Reading Thru The Night.  I'm thinking that's not her real name, even though I am not famailiar with her.
Here is the sign up page and the particulars:
What: We’re reading Stephen King’s IT. You can read it, or listen to it, or heck, even watch the film version. Whatever floats your boat. But please think about joining us…our goal is to make this fun! (Because rumor has it, it’s one scary-ass book.)
When: Now through October 14th. Like Trish’s Standalong (why mess with a good thing), we’ll be doing a mid-way check-in, as well as a final post.
(Basically, this whole adventure is because of The Standalong. We heart Trish so much, we decided to torture her and make her keep reading Stephen King. (Also, getting ahead of myself, but I want to mention this since I’ll most likely forget…I really think we should consider The Shining next. Only because I so want to use the hashtag #shineon.)
Suggested reading/posting schedule (don’t worry, we won’t kick you out of the clown car if you don’t stick to it):
  • Sunday, September 16th: read through Part 3, but not the Third Interlude,  and post your thoughts. In my copy, this is page 608 of 1098, making it slightly more than halfway.
  • Sunday, October 14th: finish, and post your final thoughts.
Where: Both here and on Princess Clown Nose’s blog, Reading Thru The Night. I will post here with Mr. Linkies on 9/16 and 10/14 so you can link up to your mid-way and final posts. If you’re on twitter, we’re using #italong for any IT-related tweets. And just like the past few weeks, we will continue with the occasionalclownish interlude (including encouraging you all to post your clown nose pics after the noses arrive!)
Why: Because clowns are fun! And there’s safety in numbers! And because you know you want a clown nose (but supplies are limited, so make sure you hurry on over to the Princess’s blog and email her). Also, because King’s is pretty entertaining, even if his books are ridiculously long.
And Why Am I Doing This: I have a few reasons:
  1. I am such a joiner!  Who doesn't know that.
  2. This is the other King book that I never read, that everyone says you must read.  I just remembered another one that I have to read (Salem's Lot) but I'll save that for 2013.
  3. Trish talked me into it, although I didn't need much pushing
  4. I would like to see just how scary this book is.  Granted clowns are creepy by themselves, so they don't need much to push them over the edge into evil territory.  But I want to see if I get freaked out and have trouble sleeping.  Or going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
So, are you in?  Come along and join us.  I'll even let you hold my hand, cause I ain't scared of no clowns!

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