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Monday, January 3, 2011

DNF Review: Palace Circle by Rebecca Dean

Publisher: Broadway Books (Double Day Publishing)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Paperback, 415 pages (150/415)
Book Source: Free Library of Philadelphia
My Rating: None since I couldn't and didn't want to finish it.  DNF should cover that.

From Goodreads:

Delia Chandler, an eighteen-year-old southern girl, marries Viscount Ivor Conisborough just before WWII, and becomes part of the Windsor court. It’s every girl’s dream come true. But Delia is jolted from her pleasant life when she realizes, after the birth of her two daughters, that Ivor chose her only to bear an heir to his estate. Shortly thereafter, she begins an affair with her husband’s handsome, titled, and frequently scandalous best friend.

When Conisborough is appointed as an adviser to King Fuad of Egypt, Delia exchanges one palace circle for another, far different one.While she regards Egypt as a place of exile, separating her from the man she deeply loves, her two daughters regard Egypt as their home. It is a division of loyalties that becomes increasingly marked as Egypt struggles to free itself from British occupation, and only when war comes to Cairo—and Delia finally reveals the secret she has kept for so long—can she begin to heal the divisions separating her from those she loves.

My Thoughts:

Ack!  This book started out so well with so much promise.  Wonderful setting, characters and situations were pretty good, albeit slightly predictable.  Beautiful costumes, and interesting plot movement, that is... until... Delia learns that she must leave England and move with her famously wealthy and important to the Empire husband to Egypt.  Delia just cannot abide by this.  Her beautifully charmed and privileged life is crashing around her.  Mind you she suffered very little during the war and has an "understanding" with her husband.

I just could not stand Delia after this point.  She worked my nerves and I had no desire to finish this story.  I tried too, but then her children came into the story, and they spoke, and then I was truly done.  Her children were utterly ridiculous and worked my nerves just as much.  I must admit I have never before come across a characters that made me instantly want to shut a book like Delia did with me in this story.  I felt as though it was a 180 for her.  Too childish and petty for someone in their late 30's to act.  Therefore I was done with her and this book.

I did skim the remainder of the book and the plot points I discovered made me glad I didn't finish the book.  In a word predictable.

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